Ghodi, Barat & Suhag Raat

#‎OneNight‬ Acting Prince for the ‪#‎firstnight‬ or ‪#‎suhagraat‬In ‪#‎Hindu‬ ‪#‎wedding‬, most of ‪#‎ridiculous‬ ‪#‎rituals‬ and custom are blindly followed by people regardless of their ‪#‎economic‬-class / ‪#‎caste‬ viz., riding/controlling a female horse in ‪#‎Barat‬

How this ridiculous custom was started? 

There are lot of myths about its existence. 

1. A few hundred years ago, ‪#‎beautifulgirls‬ in regional emperor circle used to often get kidnapped from their ‪#‎weddingvenue‬ by a rival clan who would appear on horses. Many horses were kept at the marriage venues to chase the kidnappers. 

2. ‪#‎Brhadaranyaka‬ ‪#‎Upanishad‬ - A horse represents the senses and controlling or winning over the horse means winning over the 10 senses.

3. ‪#‎Kathopanishad‬ - It describes the body as the ‪#‎chariot‬; the self as its master; ‪#‎intellect‬ as the charioteer, the mind as the reins and the senses as the horses and the sense-objects as the paths.

4. Horses in ‪#‎Vedic‬ times symbolize the senses in the body. A female horse is much more ‘moving constantly’ than the male one. 

Now days, this is not a prince that is coming on horse to claim his ‪#‎princess‬ – this is an ignorant young man ‪#‎overdressed‬ in silks with a fancy non-metal ‪#‎crown‬ on his head and jewels with a ‪#‎garland‬ in his neck, pretending he is a prince about to do the laudable act of taking bride against her will.