The beauty of Motherhood

Motherhood is an endless emotional investment and one of the most phenomenal events in a woman's life. It has been observed more as a traditional expectation from family, friends, partners and society. Hence for majority of couples, having children is the simply next step in life that they are expected to experience. The ongoing pandemic period witnessed a immense pressure on women especially during pregnancy and childbirth, going to a hospital to deliver a baby may risk two lives.

We are so much tied to life, that it’s hard to detach and look at it from a crueltyfree perspective, questioning whether the glorification of forced motherhood as a beautiful gift, or even a moral duty, is always justified. But this is not "what makes us true human being" - that is depicted more or less in every second religion. It is worth to note that, Hindu Dharma through its mythological literatures, explicitly promise a suffering-free existence, or even non-existence, in either the afterlife, or in the surpassing of the soul.

Motherhood inspires us to reconsider our accountability towards our own species. A modern human, perhaps with a smart phone, having more realistic approach, wearing mask in a kind of hostile environment, can communicate around the world instantly via internet technology. 

Our traditional culture have complex hierarchies of influencing the collective decisions, and undermine individual control, especially that of women. The idea of liberty from this is often seen as a trait of well to do families who have achieved some level of prosperity in terms of living standards, and can focus on crueltyfree lifestyle. 

Everyone pass on their beliefs and biases to their children, even the most broad-minded ones. There are some common types of arguments offered for being pregnant. One, that motherhood is rewarding, and even it’s good for the couple, who become slightly more responsible people or have more members in family to have a normative life, and so on. 

When one can fulfil one’s more need, such as education or a basic housing, on a regular basis, another level of need arise. If we keep doing everything to maximize our own happiness, and didn’t care about the impact on others, then conversations about ‘motherhood’ would be pointless.

As human we've developed technology that has completely transformed our day to day life. Not only have we constructed highly complex socio-economic systems that encourage postponing sexual reproduction well into adulthood, we've also developed the remarkable ability to control our reproductive lives through contraceptives.

Humanists' respect for our basic nature (sexual or otherwise) leads them to search for solutions with who we actually are — rather than prescribing some kinds of codification, which can lead to feelings of deprivation. Solutions that result from such an approach are designed to affirm universal values of motherhood — independent of custom, location and tradition. 


Vegan Sudesh

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