Caste no bar Matrimonial Ad - Bride & Groom

A 2013 research report published by researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara and Berkeley revealed that more than half of the prospective brides contacted by the researchers through matrimonial websites expressed an interest in potential partners belonging to caste groups other than their own. 

The willingness to go beyond the caste was found to be higher among less affluent upper caste women and more affluent scheduled caste women. However, this willingness was motivated by the opportunity to climb the social ladder by marrying an upper caste man or improve the economic prospects through intercaste marriage.

The study tracked online matrimony websites for caste preferences and reports that anywhere between 20% to 60% of users choosing to say “caste no bar” in their profiles. However, researchers learnt that stating “caste no bar” does not mean that the users discounted caste when shortlisting profiles.