Indian Match Making Arranged Online


After growing Internet facilities in India in last one decade, millions of unmarried (actually never married yet) Indian guys and girls are actively engaged on Internet to exchange photos, live cam, videos, views, likes, dislikes and opinions (in short a virtual dating) before bringing it in the notice to parents in order to convince them that, they have found the right person they want to tie the knot. This is one of the main reasons of having the largest no. of users from India at all social networking websites. 

 Following factors are considered in Indian marriages in order to search for compatibility -

Values and personal expectations: should match. 

Age and height: girl should generally be younger and shorter. 

Looks: should be acceptable to each other (boy and girl) as well as family members. 

Religion: should be same, preferably same sect. 

Mother tongue: should be preferably same 

Caste: Depends on modernization of family and now days turning to be an optional due to impact of education and cinema. 

Diet (veg / non-veg / alcohol / smoking): should match exceptionally it may differ only if acceptable to the other party. 

Education: comparable educational levels or the boy should be more educated than the girl. 

Profession: the profession should be acceptable to the family. 

Financial: The boy's current and future financial stability should be acceptable to the girl. 

Astrological attributes: should be compatible, if families believe in it. 

Financial Gift: Dowry system is still very much prevalent. Dowry values vary as per financial health of family as well as on earning capacity of boy.

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